January 18th -2018-  Chuckwalla Valley Raceway
Racers Edge Private Track Day and Coaching Day

 February 21st & 22nd -2018- Chuckwalla Valley Raceway Private Coaching Days with Dale Kieffer

March 9-11-2018- Chuckwalla Valley Raceway  Coaching days with Dale Kieffer

March 28th & 29th– 2018-Chuckwalla Valley Raceway
Private  Track Days and Coaching Days

April 18th & 19th-2018 – Chuckwalla Valley Raceway  Private Track days & Coaching Days

May 4th – 6th-2018 – Chuckwalla Valley Raceway  Coaching Day with Dale Kieffer

May 12th & 13th -2018 – Chuckwalla Valley  Raceway Three Group format Track Day event

May 19th & 20th -2018- Chuckwalla Valley Raceway Coaching Days with Dale Kieffer
May 26th & 27th-2018-Spring Mtn. Motorsports park Coaching Days with Dale Kieffer

June 2nd & 3rd-2018-Chuckwalla Valley Raceway  Racers Edge Coaching with Dale Kieffer

There are Exclusive Private (One-on-One Coaching) dates available that are not on this schedule. For more information about These dates, please email Dale at: