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Advanced Motorcycle Training

SPRING of 2018 Advanced Motorcycle Training, Las Vegas Motorspeedway

                                          ” DATE PENDING”


Come join Racers Edge’s, Dale Kieffer and his Highly trained team of Instructors in the Spring of 2018,  for an “Advanced Motorcycle training” program at the Las Vegas Motor Speedways outside Classic course.

The goal for this AMT program is to get the Sport and Street rider into a safe and controlled environment, where they can work on advancing there riding skills and controlling their motorcycles, using advanced methods of braking, use of body position and awareness of bike placement, whether it be on the street or on the track.

If your the rider that wants to improve your street riding skills or get prepared for your first track day, then this program is for you!

This AMT program will have highly experienced Instructors using specific drills, as well as classroom seminars to educate the riders. During the riding drills, each rider  receives personal critiquing from the instructors on there ability to control there motorcycle. The whole goal is to enhance the riders comfort to better control of there motorcycles.

For the “Safety Gear” we require the following:

Leather or heavy Textile armored jackets. Leather or Armored riding pants or two pairs of heavy jeans, boots above the ankles, DOT approved full face helmet and gauntlet full fingered gloves.

For the “Bike Prep” we require the following:

Mirrors removed or taped up, headlight & taillight taped up and unplugged, tires must be in very good shape and bike must be free from oil leaks and no hanging bodywork.

Towards the end of the training day, the students will get an opportunity to ride around the race track in several sessions with Instructors, to work on there new found skills!!

The AMT program starts at 9am and go’s til 4pm.(must arrive by 8am to register, tech and attend the mandatory riders meeting)

For more information you can contact us at 702-257-3808.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Price: $175.00